—  London based Kelly Harrington’s fashion career spans nearly 2 decades. She is highly regarded in the fashion industry as a designer, trend forecaster, vintage archivist, stylist and a creative and digital consultant. A lifetime love affair with Japan has given Kelly a passion for all things blue and through her Instagram alias @kellouhar, she has created and curated an inspiring index of the multifarious uses of denim and indigo. Kelly lives, breathes, walks and talks fashion. Seen at vintage fairs in Los Angeles, trade fairs in Tokyo, catwalk shows in Paris and in the maze of streets in Tokyo's Ura-Hara' in a single month, her ambitious travels feed her eyes with inspirations for her projects. She has an eye for collaborating with up and coming niche designers found in far-flung places across the globe.

“ London based denimhead, archivist and Japanophile.” vogue.com

“ The ultimate collaborator designer & consultant, Kelly Harrington lends her eye for good jeans to many global brands.“ Rivet Magazines Top 50 Denim Influencer

Photo by Nick Clements